Company profile

Solarity is a distributor and wholesaler of photovoltaic systems. We offer a complete assortment of both on and off-grid solutions, including modules, inverters, mounting systems and accessories, to PV professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our international team with PV experience since 2008 is based in Prague, Bratislava and Budapest offices.

Our business partners are installers, EPC contractors, resellers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers in almost all photovoltaic markets. We are a trustworthy and flexible partner for your business. We build on mutual trust and long-term cooperation.

Our main goal is your satisfaction. Not just to fulfill your needs and wishes but to continuously exceed your expectations. Our staff will be happy to consult and propose you individual solutions of your needs.

Main Solarity Benefits

Wide range of assortment from economy to top end products
Best availability and price on the market
Flexibility and fast deliveries anywhere from kWs to MWs
Individual approach and fast response guaranteed
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We want to help PV sources with their expansion, which would utilize the maximum potential of renewable solar energy.

We support modern and smart energetics of 21st century independence from traditional sources and systems of electricity distribution.

The common goal is to reach grid parity in photovoltaics. Thanks to technological progress and the continuous decrease in the price of PV components, we are making this happen.


to provide professional and high quality services
to use the best products of high technological standard providing secure and profitable investments for our clients
to help installers finding the best solutions and to decrease total costs of sourcing
long-term cooperation with global PV leaders


Budapest, Hungary

Hisunage 250W poly
786 modules, 2015

Csobánka, Hungary

Hisunage 250W poly
344 modules, 2015

Pécs, Hungary

Hisunage 250W poly
784 modules, 2015


Mohács, Hungary

Hisunage 250W poly
1880 modules, 2015


Konya, Turkey

CanadianSolar CS6P-235P
500 modules, 2013