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A Decade of Solarity

Solarity, a company that has been striving for excellence in the solar tech and energy sector, is approaching its tenth year of existence. Ten years that have seen Solarity grow from an idea to a small operation to an international distributor and solution provider of

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Module cost increase Contrary to the previous trend, module prices have been rising across the entire PV supply chain in 2021. This year solar panel prices keep being very volatile, with dramatic increases that could spike up to 25%. The factors that have increased the

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Mounting system for PV module on pitched rooftops

PV installations on rooftops are fast becoming an increasingly popular solution for homeowners worldwide. Pitched roofs with tiles on houses or metal sheet roofing on warehouses each need a suitable mounting system to install PV modules safely and efficiently. In this article, we will discuss

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Solarity is green

PV systems are green, Solarity even greener!

In addition to selling renewable solar systems, we have been involved in different projects with a focus on sustainability in the past year. Here is a short summary of activities of ours that have left a tangible and positive impact on the planet. Planting trees

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Driving to the future: How to select a home EV charging station

In 1990, General Motors introduced their first commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs). Since then, EVs have grown exponentially in popularity thanks to their focus on performance improvement and eco-friendly features and advantages. EVs are expected to become even more popular this decade, steadily replacing traditional combustion

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Join 2021 SolarEdge Games!

SolarEdge organises series of interactive webinars designed to give you the knowledge you need to succeed – combining technical info, practical demos, selling tips and presentations from industry specialists. The 2021 SolarEdge Games start on the 1st of March 2021.

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