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20 Dec Exclusive List of Top Trends for the PV industry (2020)

More cost-effective production, faster innovation, smarter consumers, and raising awareness of global warming, are just a few aspects regarding PV energy trends that could boost the development of solar photovoltaic systems in 2020. The photovoltaic (PV) sector is growing at an increasingly rapid rate. With...

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08 Sep What does LCOE mean?

Imagine that you want to buy a new car and you want to know which model is most bang for your buck. A sure method to find out, is to choose the vehicle that costs you the least for every km you run. A cheap...

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30 Aug SolaX Power, the new brand of inverters in our portfolio!

SolaX Power is a global leader in solar inverter technology, with products that are renowned for their reliability, efficiency, and affordability. The product range incorporates the very latest in solar innovation. Indeed, they have created the ground-breaking X-Hybrid energy storage system by employing more than 100...

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25 Jul Review: SolarEdge vs Tigo power optimizers

In this article we will explain why the need for power optimization is vital. We will also take a deeper look and compare two module-level optimization systems - SolarEdge and Tigo. Installing a PV solar system is becoming more and more popular, but the initial cost...

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01 Jul Increase Your Solar Production With Tigo’s TS4 Module Optimisers

We would like to introduce you Tigo, the new brand in our portfolio. Tigo is an American based solar panel optimiser company that was founded in 2007. Combining a unique systems-level approach with expertise in semiconductors, power electronics, and solar energy, Tigo developed the first-generation Module Optimizer technology for...

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27 Jun Two SolarEdge trainings are over, but there are more to come!

We successfully completed 2 SolarEdge trainings in Ukraine and Hungary. 50 people have been trained to become SolarEdge service partners. Participants will soon receive their certificates issued by SolarEdge, which will officially confirm that the companies can sell, market, install, and service SolarEdge equipment in the region!If...

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11 Jun HiDM shingled module in stock!

We have a new module in stock - the new High Density Shingled ModuleCanadian Solar's new HiDM is a high density, high efficiency mono PERC shingled module perfect for residential applications. WHAT IS HiDM SHINGLED TECHNOLOGY? The full-sized mono-crystalline PERC solar cells are cut into six smaller...

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