Solarity has a new eshop

14 Jan Solarity has a new eshop

We want to make your life easier and therefore we have prepared a brand new Solarity online shop for you. As of Thursday 14th of January 2021, PV Trade switches to and the upgraded eshop will simplify and fasten your ordering process.

As the first step on the new eshop, you will be asked to reset your password after logging in. After doing so, you can immediately see the prices and availability, compare the products and start ordering the goods you want or need.

For some time the new eshop will be available only in English, but Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech and other language versions will be live by the end of the month. 

Should you have any questions or should you need any help related to our eshop, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

We hope that you will like our new online shop and we are looking forward to successful cooperation in 2021!