SolaX Power now available in Solarity’s portfolio

SolaX Power is a global leader in solar inverter technology, manufacturing products that are renowned for their reliabilityefficiency, and affordability. The company is continuously developing its products in order to keep its position in the solar market. Their product range incorporates the very latest in solar innovation. Indeed, they are known for creating the ground-breaking X-Hybrid energy storage system made possible by employing a team consisting of more than 100 professors and engineers on their research project. With such investments and innovations, SolaX products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest possible standard. Solarity is the official distributor of SolaX Powera cost-effective brand driven by innovation in technology.

SolaX Power Warranty conditions

Inverters come with a standard warranty of 10 years. It is required to register all inverters on the relevant SolaX website in order to be qualified under SolaX Exchange Program. Warranties must be registered no more than six weeks following the date of commissioning.

For warranty terms and conditions please refer to the following file:

If you are interested in using SolaX Power inverters in your project or need more information , Contact Us or make an order in our shop

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