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About K2 Systems

K2 Systems is a German company based in Renningen that develops and produces mounting systems for PV installations. Their products are made from aluminium and high-grade steel offering the ideal solution for the demands of any location – for both an off-the-shelf and/or customized solution.


For K2 Systems, quality is essential, and they recognize that mounting equipment plays a key aspect in a solar PV system. Like a chain only as strong as its weakest link, an inefficient mounting installation can result in expensive damages or even critical situations that can compromise the whole PV system. That is why K2 Systems has developed highly functional solutions recognized for their high quality and secure connections. Components undergo not only internal quality testing processes but also external testing – three independent authorities have certified K2 Sytems competencies.


With new features and product developments optimized for the everchanging photovoltaic market, K2 Systems is an extremely dynamic company. The company developed the K2+ App and K2 Base software which helps designers to capture project data and plan projects quicker than ever before.



Global Executive HQ

Renningen, Germany

Area served



Mounting systems

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K2+ App provides various useful features that can save a considerable amount of time. For example, with the Roof Check tool, it is possible to save the project data directly on the roof in a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Back in the office, the design is ready in K2 Base.

Moreover, K2+ enables the transfer of project data from K2 Base straight to inverter designers. From there, it is possible to continue working with the already acquired data. K2 Base is now connected to Fronius Solar.configurator, SMA Sunny Design, and SolarEdge Designer.

All roof types and coverings

Individual plans for projects

Base On design software

Long-standing international expertise

Product portfolio per application field

Warranty conditions

K2 Systems provides a 12-year manufacturer‘s warranty on all components.For more detailed information please refer to K2 Systems guarantee terms.