Solar Log

A solar power system only produces maximum yields if you are generating electricity continuously and without plant downtime. However, since these installations comprise a large number of components, technical defects are almost inevitable from time to time. With Solar-Log Monitoring, malfunctions are detected and reported instantly before they can give rise to large financial losses.


Advantages of Solar-Log™
  • Yield stability thanks to comprehensive plant monitoring and multiple alarm options
  • Web-based software – no program installation
  • Clear graphic and tabular formats for the yield and plant values
  • Data called up via internet connection – anywhere, anytime
  • Single multi-vendor capable monitoring device
  • Compatible with inverters produced by more than 80 manufacturers
  • Optional recording, calculation and optimization of your individual power consumption
  • Wireless inverter connection with Bluetooth or radio package available for all Solar-Log™ products
  • Many additional functions thanks to comprehensive range of accessories

Connectors features advanced design concepts to facilitate a more stable, reliable and durable connection.

Solar Cables

Solar cable is the interconnection cable used in the photovoltaics. A solar cable interconnects pv modules and other electrical components in the pv system.