About Phono Solar

Phono Solar is a leading manufacturer of high-end photovoltaic products. Phono Solar was founded by SUMEC Group, a member of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a Fortune 500 corporation. Thanks to its background as an international conglomerate, Phono Solar is one of the TIER 1 manufacturers, which indicates excellent financing options for projects.


Solarity is the official distributor of Phono Solar panels. Phono Solar is driven by innovation in technology and offers a wide range of products. Implementation of the MWT module to mass production is steadily proving the capabilities of this manufacturer.


Phono Solar modules were ranked “TOP PERFORMER” in independent PV module tests together with Kyocera.




Phono Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Global Executive HQ

Nanjing, China


14 countries around the world

Area served


Manufacturing facilities

China, Thailand, Vietnam

Production capacity

2 GW


Smart modules, polycrystalline modules

Available at

Innovative technologies

Proven quality

TIER 1 manufacturer

Background of Fortune 500 company

Product portfolio

MWT Module

MWT Module

320 – 335 W Mono

On Request

  • Higher efficiency – 20W+ higher rated power more than common module
  • Higher power generation 
  • Good compatibility with other technologies
  • Personalized customization

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PS-M-20/UH | Twin Plus Mono

320 – 335  Mono

On Request


  • 120 cells
  • Higher conversion efficiency
  • Better low-light performance
  • Enhanced spectral response

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PS-P-20/U | Hyperion

PS-P-20/U | Hyperion

275 Poly

On Request


  • Nano-texturing used (black silicon)
  • Low reflectivity, high absorption
  • Higher cell efficiency

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